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World's Greatest Schools are

Belief-Driven Schools

 They Create A

Culture of Significance Where Everyone Matters

What Do We Do?

We transform school cultures

from the InsideOut!


Our Team

The Greatness Inside Out Team is composed of multi-talented educators who are living the Belief-Driven Culture in their schools. They bring real world practices and applications to our clients.
Our purpose is to assist schools in communicating a simplified and authentic message as to "Who they are" and "What they do!" Our process is designed to clarify "Why the School exists", "What it stands for", and "What everyone can expect from it".


The Beliefs and Values become the beacon for driving everything done within the school community.
They are the anchors for your school culture!

What Does A Belief-Driven School look like?

Here are a few considerations to start with:

  • Social Emotional Learning Strategies that create a learning community driven by beliefs and values¬†


  • We have developed a systematic process to transform current realities, allowing stakeholders to address existing inequities and inequality.


  • Our process of shared values & beliefs are grounded in supporting the whole child. We have built in necessary¬†steps for incorporating social-emotional learning opportunities into¬†the MTSS structure.¬†

Want help with designing a

Culture of Significance?


Learn about our dynamic process


Looking to build a


that connects all students & staffulty to a special place?


Building the Foundation for Greatness

A Belief-Driven Culture 

is built upon authentic

values & beliefs.


Our signature process establishes CLEAR and CONCISE SHARED beliefs and values that are created and agreed-upon by all stakeholders.  

These values & beliefs drive everything that is done within the school community. 


Explore Our Process
What We Believe Unifies Us!

A Belief-Driven Culture

is built upon a shared mindset


The clarity of shared values & beliefs ignites the process of a shared mindset of greatness.  

We support your team to explore the GREATNESS that already exists within your entire school community.  

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Improves Student Performance

A Belief-Driven Culture

makes collaboration and execution easier!


When all stakeholders agree on shared values & beliefs you will create a productive and engaged environment.

Our process will help with clarifying values and beliefs for the purpose of re-centering who we are as a school community, determining who you want to be, and establishing what MATTERS MOST.

Start the journey to enhance your culture
Everyone Is Gifted & Talented

A Belief-Driven Culture

Focuses on Gifts, Talents, & Strengths


We create an environment that helps everyone "Explore Their Greatness." If we focus on what we all can do, the future is endless!

Explore how to increase collaboration and engagement
Centered on Relationships 

A Belief-Driven Culture

Empowers Teams to Re-center, Re-evaluate, Re-design Systems and Structures


Our process creates an environment where teachers BELIEVE that together they and their colleagues can IMPACT student achievement.  

Shared values & beliefs build educator confidence for addressing needs of ALL students.

Unleash the Greatness within

A New Way Forward:


Recreating Your School Culture Through Shared Values and Beliefs.


COVID-19 and recent events have exposed, once again longstanding systemic inequities, and now allows humanity to do something about it! 


So where do you/we go from here?

We have developed a systematic process to transform current realities, allowing stakeholders to address existing inequities.  We are committed to recreating school cultures and communities in order to courageously respond to the demands of our “new normal.”


These strategic steps are based on the driving force of creating shared values and beliefs that are agreed upon and understood by all stakeholders. In turn, they drive decision making that impacts who is seen as significant. How systems and structures are establish to break down systemic inequities, and how we design culturally responsive learning experiences for students (and adults) that represent who we are.


Join us for insight into our systematic process.

We are committed to re-creating school cultures that respond to the demands of our communities’ “new normal."


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Let's talk about your culture


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