World's Greatest Schools Conference

Unleash Your Legacy

Monday October 7, 2024

Los Osos High School

Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 

8:30 am  -  2:00 pm

Registration will close  Friday, September 20, 2024


Join us for an inspiring day of leadership development, collaboration, and empowerment that focuses on building Self, Others, and School Community.


Our focus will provide the necessary steps to develop a

Belief Driven School Culture and inspire others to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.


This is a Conference where student leaders and educators come together to learn how to build a Belief Driven school culture where everyone has the opportunity to be the

World's Greatest version of themselves!


Unleashing Your Legacy?

As a leader,

our purpose in life is to help others along the way!

Unleash your leadership potential, connect with like-minded peers, and learn how to leave a positive and lasting legacy.

Be inspired to make a difference in your community and beyond!

The World's Greatest School LEGACY

is one where you create a culture of significance where everyone matters!









Conference Registration
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Dynamic Featured Speakers

You are guaranteed to be inspired by the  World's Greatest speakers who will leave each attendee with a challenge to identify their purpose and how their activities, events, and celebrations impact why we exist as student leaders!

Amazing Breakout Sessions

We have over 50 breakout sessions designed to provide various strategies, ideas, techniques, and content to create a Culture of Significance Where Everyone Matters.

Spectacular Spotlight on GREATNESS

This action packed Rally brings everyone together to celebrate and honor the attendees Greatness and Showcase their unique Gifts, Talents, and Skills. 

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Making a lasting impact?

Unleashing your legacy is about taking deliberate actions to

make a positive and enduring impact on the world,

leaving behind a legacy that is meaningful and influential.

When students & staffulty walk on campus do they feel  they belong?

Do they feel accepted for who they are as individuals?

Do they feel that they have the opportunity to thrive?

Do they feel connected to what the school believes and stands for?

Are they engaged in school events, activities, celebrations, and ceremonies?

Self   *  Others   *   Community

It will involve contributing to the creation of a positive and inclusive culture in your community, workplace, or family, leaving a legacy of harmony,

collaboration, and mutual respect.

What makes our conference 

The World's Greatest?  

We bring an inspiring and motivating environment of

excitement, energy, and enthusiasm.  

Come and experience the amazing conference VIBE! 

Our format is especially designed to


a positive school culture.


It's a SPECIAL Vibe that communicates

through actions, beliefs, and values that you belong to 

A World's Greatest School! 


Who should attend?    

Teachers & Admistrators that are looking for ideas, strategies and practical applications to impact the school culture.

High School and Middle School students you want to help impact your school culture

ASB Student Leaders & Advisors

Renaissance Student Leaders & Advisors

Link Crew Leaders & Advisors

Club Officers 

Athletic Team Captains/members

The Atmosphere Is Electric! 

Conference registration will increase from

$55.00 to $65.00

on August 31, 2024

Student Leaders from each school will be honored during the Showcase Rally


Each attendee will receive a continental breakfast, lunch, folder, pen, and a custom T-shirt 

These special sessions are designed to


The focus is on Culture and Climate Development and current trends and issues in schools today.


Join us for special educator sessions provided by esteemed

‚ÄúHumans‚ÄĚ Keith Hawkins and Joe Beckman¬†¬†

They will provide invaluable insights into the

pressing challenges confronting educators and students today. 

Don't miss this opportunity to refresh, recharge, gain fresh perspectives and practical guidance for navigating the evolving landscape of education.


Our legendary Activities Director,

Janet Roberts

will be your host and she will provide

insights, ideas, strategies, and techniques, 

to assist you in leaving a

lasting  legacy at your school!


Let's create a school community

that everyone wants to be a part of!





Capture the Excitement & Energy

from past conferences

Create The VIBE 2023

With the right VIBES and the right people,

it's easy to create something Magical!


Your Story To Greatness & Beyond 2019

o Everyone is Gifted and Talented.  It was a day filled with Excitement and we came together  to help others Explore Their Greatness!

ReWrite The Stars 2018

Come one, Come All!  It was a day filled with passion and enthusiasm that brought together an "Array of Unique Climate Creators" who were committed to Build A World's Greatest School!