World's Greatest Schools Conference

This is a place where student leaders and educators come together to create a culture of significance at their schools!


Come and learn how to implement the 6 World's Greatest Values and start to Build the World's Greatest School!


You can capture the ENERGY and EXCITEMENT OF 2200 dedicated student leaders and educators.

Dynamic Keynote Presenters

You are guaranteed to be inspired by the  World's Greatest speakers who will leave each attendee with a challenge to make our school community "Better Today Than Yesterday!"

Amazing Breakout Sessions

We have over 50 breakout session designed to provide various strategies, ideas, techniques, and content to create a Culture of Significance Where Everyone Matters .

Specular Spotlight on GREATNESS

This action packed session brings everyone together to celebrate Greatness and Showcase unique Gifts, Talents, and Skills. 

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World's Greatest Schools

Our conference provides 

An Exciting Format set up to address current issues and treads!

CliftonStrengths for Educators

Dealing with Social Media Issues. 

Developing healthy, well-balanced young adults.

Creating an Empathetic Culture.

Renaissance for HS & MS.

World’s Greatest Student Leader strategies and ideas.


This Place Is Amazing!

World’s Greatest Schools Values, Beliefs, Connections, and Ideas

Two 45 minute Keynote and Interactive  Group Sessions

Three 30 minute Breakout Sessions

Continental Breakfast & Lunch

Spotlight on Greatness Celebration

ReWrite The Stars 2018

Come one, Come All!  It as a day filled with passion and enthusiasm that brought together an "Array of Unique Climate Creators" who were committed to Build A World's Greatest School!   


Your Story- To Greatness & Beyond 2019

o Everyone is Gifted and Talented.  It was a day filled with Excitement and we came together  to help others Explore Their Greatness!