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Assess Your Culture

Do Your Actions Match Your Words?

Kickstart the process by accessing your school-wide messaging,  Are your words in alignment with everything you do and say? What anchors your actions to your words?

What is it we do?

We ASSESS, BRING CLARITY, and ALIGN your actions and words to your beliefs and values.  Our process brings all stakeholders together to create a shared and agreed upon set of Values and Beliefs.  They will lay the foundation  for impacting everything that is done within the school community.  

Let's build a special place where everyone thrives.  

We'll assist you in building a World's Greatest School.

The Process

The Greatness InsideOut process provides a unique opportunity to RE-center and RE-align your school's culture.

The Anchors

Fundamentals are essential to the development of a school community that is driven by shared Values and Beliefs.

Our Conferences

Our Conferences are the "Go To Culture and Climate" Conference.  Learn from the "World's Greatest!"

Belief Driven Culture

The Foundation

The four layers and levels of a World's Greatest School is based upon clear and concise shared values and beliefs. Once established, these values and beliefs will impact equity and access, wellness, and relationships amongst and between students and staffulty.  They will drive everything that you do school-wide.

"Park provides tools for every school to build a culture that celebrates everyone becoming the best versions of themselves."

- -Dr. Sean Delgado

"Every conversation I have ever had with Park have reminded me of why I do what I do, and encouraged and moved me to be the best principal I could ever hope to be!

- HS Principal

"Park is a master at building enthusiasm for school culture and provides examples from his life and from the book that truly made an impact with my staff."

- Mike West
Belief Driven Culture

We Start With RE

Once we have established the Shared Values *and Beliefs we work with the sites stakeholders to RE-center, RE-evaluate, RE-design and the RE-align your practices, policies, procedures, structures, and systems to make sure they are aligned with your Values and your Beliefs.

What Are Your Anchors

Unless you have authentic Beliefs & Values as your anchors, everything else will eventually Float Away!

Once you have established your shared Values and Beliefs they can then be aligned with each framework. What are your programs anchored to?

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