Building the World's Greatest Schools From the Inside Out!

Richard Parkhouse is the Author of "Building the World's Greatest High School Student Leader" and founder of the "Greatness InsideOUT" consultant team.

What makes your school a special place for students, educators, and parents?

We are committed to creating a "culture of significance where everyone mattersâ„ "

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Building the World's Greatest Schools Conference

Monday, October 14, 2019

Los Osos High School

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

You can feel the excitement and energy as 2200 student leaders and educators prepare to make a difference in the culture at their school!

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Transform Your School Culture With World's Greatest Schools Services & Materials

What IS IT WE Do?

We ASSESS,  BRING CLARITY, and ALIGN your actions and words to your beliefs and values.  Our team will help you develop a powerful message that is simplified, clear, and concise.  This message will bring authenticity and uniqueness to CONNECT others to your school and drive everything that you do!  Once this is accomplished, you will have more people connected and engaged.  You can count on having a greater rate of school-wide success!

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World's Greatest Student Leaders Training & Workshops

Park brings 40 plus years of experience in building the World's Greatest Student Leaders. Our training empowers Student Leaders to develop and create a school culture of GREATNESS! Culture is TAUGHT and at the World's Greatest Schools the student leaders learn how to take the steps to align Student Leadership goals with the schoolwide goals.   What are you doing to connect students and staff to special place?

Develop Student Leaders Who Care

Building The World's Greatest Schools Materials

Building the World’s Greatest  Schools will show you:

- Five shifts to enhance the potentials of all students and staff.
- Six World’s Greatest Values that will forever change your school.
- Seven building blocks for improving student and staff success.
- How to start your journey to become your "World’s Greatest Me"

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