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Over the past 40 years, Park has been living his passion by helping schools, “Create Cultures of Significance Where everyone Matters!”  He believes schools need to create a special place for students and staffulty to thrive.  Park’s rich experience as a public-school educator for 25 years and educational consultant for nearly two decades has allowed him to change lives and impact futures in over 2,000 schools.  He is the author of the “World’s Greatest Schools” series which includes “Building the World’s Greatest HS Student Leader,” and his latest release, “Building the World’s Greatest School Student Leader Curriculum.”


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Learn how a Belief Driven Culture drives everything that is done within the school community. 


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Park's Work

Park’s work of building the “World’s Greatest Schools” addresses the need to create a magical place that is built upon relationships and connections.  If people are not connected to a special place, why would they want to go there every day?  Park models the underlying key to success in any school is in bringing clarity to its beliefs and values and then weaving these into learning, culture, policies, and procedures. 

He is the founder of the Greatness InsideOUT consulting team and he has delivered passionate and inspirational messages as a keynote speaker at the CADA State Convention, at National Conferences for Jostens Renaissance, CADA Student Leadership Conferences, ACSA conferences, at the National Association of Student Councils Conference, and student leader conferences throughout the nation.  He created The World’s Greatest Schools Conference which has had over 2000 attendees.


Park's Story

Park is a long time member of the California Association of Activities Directors (CADA) and has written articles for the NASSP Student Leadership Magazine.  Park’s “mentoring” efforts have received national recognition as he was honored as an Earl Reum Award Recipient, which recognizes those who train the trainers of student leaders.  He is a member of the CADA Hall of Fame and was selected for his ability to instill a vision of school wide excellence for all.  He is a member of the C.A.R.E. Hall of Fame, and The Cal Poly Pomona Athletic Hall of Fame.  As a National Presenter for Jostens Renaissance, Park was inducted into the National Jostens Renaissance Hall of Fame in the first inaugural class in 1998. This honor was due to his commitment to helping develop Jostens Renaissance schools nationally, as well as being the founder of the Academic Pep Rally.  He has served as an educator for 25 years as a science teacher, coach, activities director, and assistant principal.  

"Park will teach you how to take your school to beyond what you thought possible."

- Dr. Richard J. Noblett

"The conversation around core values and  the individual and of the organization is the most important conversation we will ever have."

- Dr. Michael Roe

"No matter how spectacular or broken your school is, "World's Greatest" will challenge you to be better.  Reignite your passion to be a game changer!"

-Francie Ward

So… if we are going to build a school, “Why not Build the World’s Greatest!”

The 6 Values of the Building the World’s Greatest Schools is the foundation that Park utilizes to transform school cultures.  It starts with “WE Are What We Believe.  What We Believe Unifies Us.”  His work includes the development and implementation of bringing the Core Values of schools alive, connectedness of student and staff, increasing the role of student leaders, addressing the recognition gap, and focusing on incorporating the Core Values of Teaching and Learning into the daily rituals of the school culture. 

The key to the success of his techniques is to create ownership for the stakeholders of the school.  This in turn will help to keep the vision and philosophies at the forefront for years to come. Park believes all students are gifted and talented and every day they should be working to become the World’s Greatest Version of themselves!


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