Building the World's Greatest Student Leaders

Leadership is not painting posters and putting on dances. The World's Greatest Leaders have a clear understanding of their PURPOSE, DIRECTIONS, AND GOALS. Come and learn how get your student leaders to "Build A Culture Of Significance Where Everyone Matters!"

Let's Talk About Possibilities!

"In whose life have I mattered? In what ways do I hope that I mattered?"

Others need your help! You need to help others become the World's Greatest version of themselves!

The Key to Connecting Your Student Leaders

Our signature process of establishing a strong foundation of beliefs and values that every student leader believes and lives daily.  Once we help establish "what it is they DO", we assist in helping the team create a simplified belief system that brings clarity. Having an established set of beliefs and values can empower the team to hold each member accountable and responsible for "who they ARE and what they DO."

Defining WHY Student Leaders Exist?

Our first step is to clearly define WHY student leaders exist!  Once they understand "What is Is That They Do," the team can now take the steps to weave their beliefs and values into all of their events, celebrations, and everything they do. We want to make sure their ACTIONS match their WORDS!

Nearly 50% of students are DISENGAGED and believe their is NO HOPE!  Student leaders need to take the steps to create a special place where everyone is acknowledged and celebrated for their GREATNESS!  

Let's build a PLACE OF SIGNIFICANCE that connects all students to a special place! The World's Greatest Student Leaders are students who work daily to become their personal best and help others do the same.

World's Greatest Schools Values

These values are the personal tenants or beliefs that guide the actions of every student leader in their service of being their personal best. The leadership team behaves in ways that support all the people on the campus in becoming their personal best. They work together to be the best team they can be. The World's Greatest Student Leaders create events and celebrations with a purpose.  They produce significant moments for the sake of growing and enriching human beings, not just for the sake of putting on an event. 

Leadership Workshops & Conference Keynote 

Park delivers a powerful message of being the World's Greatest version of yourself and how if we are going to build a school, why not build the World's Greatest!

His message is both compassionate and thought-provoking. He challenges his audience to look deep inside themselves to become better today than they were yesterday and reflect upon what makes them significant and vital to the success of the organization. 

"We must understand that ALL students have futures and ALL kids are gifted and talented. Unfortunately, in some situations, "We are pulling the plug on kids' futures."  The World's Greatest Schools is a way of life!

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Building the World's Greatest Student Leaders Books


Building the World’s Greatest High School Student Leader isn’t about a new program for your school. It’s about a way of being that will unalterably change lives and impact futures of you, your students, your colleagues, and your community. By having a class set of books you will be providing a MUST have resource for getting your students & staff engaged in  "Building A Culture of Significance Where Everyone Matters!" It is a  great resource to prepare your student leaders for transforming your school into the World's Greatest!

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Challenge Your Student Leaders To Be The World's Greatest!

Take the steps to connect and engage your student leaders by establishing, "Who they are and what they do?" Do their ACTIONS match their WORDS?


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