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Honored as a Hall of Fame winner of the California Association of Directors of Activities and Jostens® Renaissance®, Richard Parkhouse (known as "Park") teaches student and educator leaders how to build a Culture of Significance Where Everyone Mattersā„ .

Recognized throughout the United States as one of the foremost authorities on school culture, Park provides the blueprint for building The World's Greatest Schools.

Park's books, trainings, and philosophy are used by nationally recognized principals, powerful educators, and brave students throughout North America. Park offers schools the opportunity to build a place where each and every student is seen, recognized, and enabled to become his or her personal best.

Park speaks on platforms concerning Building the World's Greatest Schools and Building a Culture of Significance Where Everyone Matters. In his talks, your audience will learn how to...

  • At your school Create a Culture of Significance Where Everyone Mattersā„ ;
  • Enable all students (really: all of them) to become their World's Greatest Me;
  • Make everybody a somebody; and
  • Build the World's Greatest High School celebrations and rallies.
  • Develop a special place for students and educators that is worth showing up.

Park speaks to educators and student leaders at any level, from elementary, to middle, to high school and beyond.

To book Park for your speaking engagement, send your inquiry to [email protected]