What they are saying about the Greatness InsideOUT team?

“Student leaders play a critical role in Building the Worlds Greatest High School because they are the role models, the initiators, and most of all - the friends and peers of the students that walk the halls.  Every student is looking for someone to pattern their life after and how cool is it when students model service, compassion, and spirit and other students on campus want to be a part of what they are creating!!  They will guide the leaders at your school and as a result be a guide to every student on your campus.”

--Phil Boyte, Author of “School Culture by Design”


"Park and Guy show us how to build a place where we are all valued and we all matter: It starts with building the understanding that each one of us has value, regardless of where we are in life."

--Mike Smith Live, Speaker, Professional Teenager


In organizations we face technical and transformational  challenges.  This work seeks to transform through a deliberate values approach.  This work allows us to look at our own personal values those that are both "real" and those that are aspirational.  The conversation around core values and  the individual and of the organization is the most important conversation we will ever have.

--Dr. Michael Roe, Director, Leadership Institute


"Richard Parkhouse is a role model for educators and students alike: His life is built around service, compassion, and character. These ideals are what student leaders should strive for as they work toward becoming the best version of themselves, creating great high schools along the way."
--Houston Kraft, CharacterStrong


The expertise the Guy and Park bring to developing student leadership is transformational: Students gain a perspective that helps them understand the role student leaders play in building an inclusive culture.

--Dr. Kimberly MacKinney, Assistant Superintendent, Oro Grande School District


"Park and Guy are legendary icons in celebrating student and staff success, spreading awareness of WE instead of me, and building positive school cultures across the nation."
--Danny V. Batimana, Happiness is NOW, Inc.


Park and Guy's incredible work on building great schools and student leaders is must for schools.  The "Building the World's Greatest Schools' framework and it materials are a great resource for schools to grow and be better.  As a Student Council State Executive Director and Principal, Park and Guy give real examples that can be utilized in all schools.

--Paul Branagan, Executive Director, Massachusetts Association of Student Councils


Park will teach you how to take your school to beyond what you thought possible.  Building the World's Greatest Schools, is for anyone  who is serious about creating a special place for students, staff, and parents.  Spend just a few minutes with Park or Guy and you will know why their materials are the very best on the market for achieving greatness.

--Richard J. Noblett- Director Baldwin Park USD


“I have had the privilege of knowing Richard Parkhouse for over 25 years. His passion for creating positive school cultures is second to none. When he’s on your campus, lives change, students and staff understand the vision while school pride can be seen and felt. His heart and passion are infectious.”

--Janet Roberts, CADA President, California Association of Directors of Activities (2013), Retired Activities Director 


Park and Guy are two of the most forward-thinking people in education when it comes to climate and culture.  These materials and spirit behind them can drive your campus into new and incredible directions.  In order to create positive change on your campus, you must know your "why."  They will lead you to building the World's Greatest for your campus and your community!

--Paul Dols- Climate and Culture Coordinator, Monrovia HS


The philosophy brings forth the value of cereal a culture of connections.  No matter how spectacular or broken your school is, "World's Greatest" will challenge you to be better.  Reignite your passion to be a game changer!

--Francie Ward, Activities Director


Richard Parkhouse has established an amazing track record fo building school cultures that celebrate every single child. Through the World's Greatest Schools series, he provides tools for every school to build a culture that celebrates everyone becoming the best versions of themselves.

--Dr. Sean Delgado- Principal


Richard Parkhouse is the Godfather of Inspiration, Renaissance and Positive Energy. His amazing vision, experience and understanding puts him at the top of the class. His incredible knowledge and insight gives purpose, cause, belief and motivation that is necessary to drive schools to the highest level of success. Every conversation I have ever had with Park (and there have been many) have reminded me of why I do what I do, and encouraged and moved me to be the best principal I could ever hope to be!

--HS Principal


When I started out as a new principal at a high school that needed some "revitalization", I searched for a resource to help me set the tome for the new year. I was pointed to "Building the Greatest High School". It is exactly the resource I needed to establish the mindset for my staff going into next year. I was also able to get Park to come out to a visioning and school culture staff retreat and I can't tell you how meaningful it was. Park is a master at building enthusiasm for school culture and provides examples from his life and from the book that truly made an impact with my staff. They are an awesome resource for building school culture and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!

--Mike West- Principal


Richard and Guy have provide a high-quality format for building a positive school environment, culture, and climate.  Their message empowers all of us in education with assets for attaining personal and professional greatness. I highly recommend their work as you continue to construct your when school with resources toward becoming the "World's Greatest!"  And, in turn each student will become the best version of themselves and help to change lives and impact futures!

--Eric Wadsworth  Activities Director, Tualatin HS


After reading the World’s Greatest High School book series it allowed me to see my school, students, and Staffulty in a different light. It illuminated the world in a way that I realized everyday we can be better but more importantly we can make everyone else’s life better. We as educators have been given this opportunity to save each and every students life everyday. We decide whether to pull the plug or keep fighting for them.Their work will inspire you and your school to be the best!

--Rhett Ladner, Principal The World’s Greatest High School, Vancleave High


Richard Parkhouse is a great mentor and visionary who supports student leaders and their advisors by leading all of them to create a positive school climate where students bloom and memories are made for ALL.  Park and his vision helps all educators establish what it takes to create the “World's Greatest School”.

--Farrah Rigo-Witt, Activities Director


Richard Parkhouse and Dr. Guy White have written the most down to earth, common sense, pull no punches text on what it takes to change or enhance the culture and climate of a/or all schools.  It's about ALL students, not just the Royal Family, Jocks, College bound etc. Schools are "family". What are we REALLY doing in Character Development, improving the drop out rate, low test scores, etc.?  If any of these areas need improvement in your school, you can count on Greatness InsideOUT!
--Wayne Hironaka, Educator


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