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Student Leader Training, Workshops, Conference Keynotes

School Culture just doesn't happen -- it is TAUGHT.  Your student leaders must be empowered to bring the World's Greatest School Culture to the school community.  We understand that students MUST be involved in the transformation of the World's Greatest Schools process.  It is essential that student leaders understand the 6 values and the significant roles they play in this transformational process.  

The pandemic has forced us to reevaluate our purpose, directions, and goals.  It's time to RECENTER who WE are and What WE do!

 Shared Values & Beliefs Drives Everything You Do!

Our team is trained to assist your staffulty and students in clarifying "WHAT IT IS YOU DO!" They develop it!  They Own it!  We provide successful strategies to implement your words and actions into everything that you do within your school community. We help you to make sure your messages are aligned into actions that can be seen within your LEARNING, CULTURE, and POLICIES & PRACTICES. At this point, your beliefs and values will be aligned and your entire school community can say, "We are what we believe, what we believe UNIFIES US!"

Our team is prepared to provide face-to-face virtual training.  


It's The Year of the RE

Our process focuses on RE-centering, RE-evaluating, and RE-designing in order to RE-align your school.    This 3-step process is designed to facilitate thought provoking discussions, deep reflection, and taking the necessary steps to RE-define and align what your school can be.  

The Greatness InsideOUT Team (GIO) will provide a personalized implementation process to enhance and transform your school culture. The Team will provide staff in-service, administrative team coaching, instructional support, and leadership team training as needed.  This process and services will be adjusted and customized to meet the unique needs of your school community and take the necessary steps to RE-center your school to RE-align it with what truly matters!  

Greatness Comes From The InsideOUT

Our process addresses real issues and concerns within school communities.  If you you are willing to transform  your staff from "What's Inside of  Me" to "What's Outside of Us," then let's start a conversation.   Greatness comes from the inside Out!

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